Our Mission

The primary missions of the CommunityCare Clinics are to provide free quality health care to the underserved and to raise healthcare awareness in the Toledo community. Our clinics provide the opportunity for volunteers to affect a positive change in the Greater Toledo area, discover societal issues, and practice the principles of public health in an interdisciplinary fashion. The CommunityCare Clinics constantly strives to improve our impact in the community.

Additionally, in terms of direct costs to patients, we strive for the least possible. Medications and treatments provided on-site are always free, and we work with you so that there are no surprise costs when it comes to getting you the absolute best healthcare possible. If you agree that such tests or laboratory studies are needed, our dedicated administrative team will help you complete the necessary financial aid application which will determine your expected costs based upon a sliding scale. We strive to have no patients receive an unexpected bill for procedures or tests, but sometimes that happens. If that does occur, we recommend calling (419) 482- 8127 so that we are aware of the issue. You are also welcome to return to the clinic to discuss the unexpected charges. Please bring the bill with you and alert reception that you would like to discuss the bill you received.

Our Clinics

At each of our clinics we offer general medical care provided by both student and licensed healthcare providers, as well as commonly prescribed medications to help our patients maintain their health. More details about the multiple clinics we offer is listed to the left, under the ‘Clinic Schedules’ tab.

In addition to our Main Clinic at CedarCreek Church, we also hold approximately eight traveling clinics per month which are focused on the most pressing health concerns and help us ensure the fundamental human right of access to healthcare with dignity and respect. Services provided at these clinics include comprehensive primary care, on-site medications, referrals to specialists, and additional resources which can include food, reading glasses and other goods.

Our History

In 2010, CommunityCare Clinics began providing free, comprehensive healthcare services to the under-insured of Toledo in association with the Mildred Bayer Clinic for the Homeless. The clinic served nearly 1,000 patients in 2011. In March 2013, the clinic moved to its current location at CedarCreek Church, South Campus, and started to expand the services we offer to those in need. Today, such healthcare options include physical therapy, vision screenings, HIV testing, chronic disease education and pharmacy services, as well as our Women’s Health and Reproductive Health clinics. Our improvements have been successful; in the year 2021 alone, we saw approximately 8,400 individual patients, making us one of the largest free clinics in the state in terms of patients served.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information, please see the frequently asked questions section, or call (419) 482- 8127.