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Medical Students (M1)

First year medical students must attend M1 training to be able to volunteer at clinic. Please look for announcements about the training session.

Medical Students (M2-M4)

Second through fourth year medical students can attend clinic after creating an account.

Physician Assistant Students

Please speak to the CCC PA representative or contact pa@utcommunitycare.org for more information.

Nursing Students

CNL students and NP students please speak to the CCC nursing representative or contact nursing@utcommunitycare.org for more information.

Pharmacy Students

Please speak to the CCC pharmacy representatives or contact pharmacy@utcommunitycare.org for more information.

Respiratory Care Students

Please speak to the CCC respiratory care representatives or contact rt@utcommunitycare.org for more information.

Physical Therapy Students

Please speak to the CCC physical therapy representatives or contact pt@utcommunitycare.org for more information.

Occupational Therapy Students

Please speak to the CCC occupational therapy representatives or contact ot@utcommunitycare.org for more information.

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Board of Directors

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