Labre Traveling Clinic comes out of a collaboration with the Toledo Labre Outreach to the Homeless that is organized by St. John's Jesuit and St. Ursula Academy.  While the high school students are providing meals to those in need, Dr. Richard Paat along with several medical and pharmacy students from UT will be providing on-site triage and healthcare to patients.   


The traveling clinic visits three locations in Toledo each week and stays at each location for 20-30 minutes.  The sites are listed below with estimated times of arrival at each location.  

Site 1: Near 215 Linden Pl. at 5:15 pm

Site 2: Near 252 Segur Rd. at 5:50 pm

Site 3: 464 6th St. in the parking lot across from Helping Hands at 6:30 pm