YMCA Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring Program

Take action to improve heart health!


CommunityCare Clinic's CedarCreek location will now be hosting the YMCA's BPSM program starting November 4th from 7-8pm. Research has shown significant improvements in blood pressure when it is monitored twice a month for four months. Therefore, Participants will:


  • Receive a FREE automatic blood pressure cuff
  • Take and record their blood pressure at least two times per month at home
  • Attend two consultations a month with a Healthy Heart Ambassador at CCC
  • Attend four monthly nutrition education seminars at CCC
    • Thursday November 4th, 7-8PM, 2150 South Bryne Road
    • Thursday December 2nd, 7-8PM, 2150 South Bryne Road
    • Thursday January 6th, 7-8PM, 2150 South Bryne Road
    • Thursday February 3rd, 7-8PM, 2150 South Bryne Road 


To register email healthyliving@ymcatoledo.org or text/call (419) 725-7844. Please include your full name, email address, the best phone number at which to reach you, and your interest in the CCC site.